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Best Indoor Plants Adoni India. These aren't just pretty faces! Their green and white bold prints on leaves have earned it the nick name of cathedral plant, peacock plant, zebra plant and rattlesnake plant.

30 Indoor Plants That Bring Good Luck To Your Home Office
30 Indoor Plants That Bring Good Luck To Your Home Office from blog.talkcharge.com
We are one of the leading developers and suppliers of indoor plants in kerala, based in kochi as well as we are the. These large indoor plants can improve air quality and give you a lush atmosphere. While there are many plants that are marketed as 'indoor plants,' all plants are native to being outside in some realm says horton.

This plant has variegated green leaves and will produce white blooms and occasionally red berries, which is relatively unique for an indoor plant with low light needs.

Grown big, decorative house plants in any room of your home by adding one of these varieties to your collection. Indoor plants are a great way to enhance the decor of a home. You may also cover your terrace, stairways or living room with indoor hanging plants aside from plain floor planters. Best indoor plant for low light:

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