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Raised Garden Bed Kit Abilene Tx Amerika. First of all, raised beds are not the same as planters. The lumber used in the farmstead's raised garden beds is custom sawed to a thickness of 1 1/4 inches for greater strength and longer life.

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Not everyone has the space for a large garden in their yard. Two raised garden beds with one tent enclosure. Durable greenbed's raised garden bed kits are the best choice for serious gardeners.

Made from premium quality cedar wood, the x11 premium raised garden bed kit from smart carts / infinite cedar creates a traditional countryside theme in the garden.

Olt's 8 x 8 raised garden bed kit takes 'urban gardening' to a whole new level! Crazy raised garden bed kit to refresh your home. 7 raised garden bed kits that you can easily assemble at home. The boards are well sanded to prevent any undesired injury caused by wood splinters.

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